Baby Curls


Alexa’s hair is very fine and a bit sparse, and as it has grown in, her hair has formed little ringlets in the back and on the sides. The top and front has been very straight (it is longer and thicker which I assume is why), so I figured that it was just a “baby hair” phenomenon and it would eventually go away.

And now it is. The little baby curls are starting to straighten and not curl quite as much. And for how sure I was that they weren’t permanent… I am frightfully attached. I pet the back of her head and tell the curls not to go away and get all choked up as her hair gets straighter and straighter. Yesterday her hair seemed almost completely straight in the back, and I actually thought for a moment I might cry.

Today it looks a little more curly. Or maybe it is my imagination. Wishful thinking perhaps…

They grow up so fast.