I won’t claim to have the most beautiful singing voice on the planet, but I know it is at least passable. I grew up singing in choruses at school and even doing a few solos, I was a music major (well, double major with biochemistry lol) in college and sang there, and I understand pitch and tempo and tone and can sing along accurately with most random music on the radio. Or on children’s TV shows.

CJ has inherited my love for singing, and frequently bursts into spontaneous song. I was getting CJ dressed for school up in his room and he started singing the theme song for “Little Einsteins”, a Disney TV show of which we have a few DVDs. I know the words too, funnily enough, so I started singing along (as I often do).

This time, CJ immediately stopped singing, looked at me kind of curiously, and simply said “Enough.”

I stopped and asked “What honey?” and he replied with a sigh, “Mommy, enough.”

He started singing again and I again joined in (I am a slow learner.) He immediately stopped and said even more firmly “Enough.”

So I stopped singing. He sang the rest of the song on his own. Happily.

On the one hand I was delighted with CJ’s correct usage of the word “Enough.” I’ve never heard him say that word before in context, or even say it I think, and I love how his language usage keeps growing by leaps and bounds. On the other hand… well hey! I like to sing and I know I don’t do a half bad job at it. He could be more appreciative.

I can sing, honest! Unlike my own mother who freely admits she is tone deaf… but that’s another story.