Family Life and SAHMs – The Carnivals


This past week, two of my posts were included in carnivals around the web. I really enjoyed reading the other posts in each of these carnivals so I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites from each one.

First off, the Carnival of Family Life was in Australia at Imaginif, and included my post No One Told Me This Stuff in Parenting School. I was really excited to be included among such great entries such as:

  • Fiveberries In Texas: Shopping. With kids. Fun. I have to remember this, if I ever dare to bring my kids shopping. I’ll get a lot more done this way!
  • Mama’s Coffee Break: One of Those Moms. I feel like that a lot. I need to meet more people. Maybe who don’t have kids even.

And at the Carnival of SAHMs at Adentures of an Awesome (Sometimes) Mother (what a great name for a blog!), my post Enough was included. Yes, my son has definitely had enough. Heh. I especially enjoyed this entry:

  • More4Kids: A Typical Day in the Life of a SAHM. My kids are smaller so they don’t both leave the house all day, but a lot of this post was true for me. It is a very big juggling act!

I’ll chime in next weekend with this week’s carnivals and my picks from them! Thanks for reading.

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